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Alright, model Anais Zanotti, we're looking at you

1 year agoby: Droz

These nutty attention whores. They really do live for the attention they get, not to mention all the things they do to get that attention. It makes me wonder if they pencil this stuff into an organizer somewhere.

Thursday - put on string bikini, constantly fiddle with it and bend over a lot for fake candid photoshoot.

It's as transparent an effort as a freshly cleaned window, but when you've got an ass like Anais's, it doesn't really matter. If she wants to spend her time standing around next to pools and on beaches, pretending to not be aware of the camera as she loses various articles of clothing, I'm cool with that. She seems to be having a good time, showing herself off in next to nothing and we're having a good time looking at her ass. Sure, it's probably a huge waste of time and money, considering that the only place where anyone sees pics like these is online, posted by people like myself. Then again, maybe this is a public service Anais performs. Maybe she committed a crime and had to do community service. But instead of picking up trash on the freeway, she gets near nude and posts the pics online for free. Perhaps Anais is just a humanitarian at heart, or in her case at butt.

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10:52PM on 03/21/2014
She must marry me.
She must marry me.
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6:57PM on 03/21/2014
I'd run away with her for a weekend
I'd run away with her for a weekend
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