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Alyssa Campanella, 2011's Miss USA, goes mod-hippie iHeart Ultimate Pool Party in Miami

Jul. 1, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
I found some shots of people who attended the 2013 Ultimate Pool Party held by iHeart Radio in Miami over the weekend and I was most taken with ginger goddess Alyssa Campanella, even though I wasn't all that sure who she was. Perhaps just another Barbie clone in the modeling world. Looking her up provided me with information that was basically that. Campanella has been competing in pageants since 2006, where she started off winning the Miss Teen New Jersey title. She competed a couple of other times as well, but more interestingly, it was that she competed as the Miss California entry in the 2011 Miss USA pageant (they apparently have rules regarding the allowing of a non-state-born resident to do so) that she won the title. She competed in Miss Universe but barely came in the top 16 for that competition. Whatever the case, the little hippie headband is really cute. I like.

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9:55AM on 07/01/2013
nice legs but thats about it, hate to say it but definitely a butterface.
nice legs but thats about it, hate to say it but definitely a butterface.
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