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Alyssa Milano shows off her hot pink at the beach, can't keep things out of her mouth

04.04.2013by: Droz

Enduring hottie Alyssa Milano has landed herself a role in yet another American TV adaptation of an original BBC show. Called Mistresses, the show apparently revolves around a group of friends who busy themselves with various illicit relationships. Sounds like a real exercise for the intellect. Anyway, it would appear Alyssa is going to look hot in it, as she is prone to do in pretty much everything she does. I'm digging those new curves of her. She's got a little Jennifer Love Hewitt thing happening with her body nowadays. They could play sisters - super sexy sisters with the extra benefit of being adorable legacy hotties who many a guy and gal recall from days of yore. I wonder if this is one of those BBC shows where they got naked a lot. I guess it doesn't matter, as the show was picked up by ABC. That sucks. You really need a premium cable network like HBO or Showtime for a show like this. They can't expect to keep my attention when they're constantly limiting their sex scenes to underwear, sheet covered bodies and camera shots that always end just north of the ass. Unless they're planning on bringing back that old NYPD Blue thing where they had some occasional nudity. Why'd they stop doing that? Oh right, they let the fat, hairy guy who get in on it. I can see how that wouldn't go over well.

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