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Alyssa Milano ups the ante on mommy bewbs

Apr. 21, 2011by: Droz

Is it just me, or is every woman in Hollywood preggo? Seriously, they all seem to have either got one cooking or just squeezed one out. It's like a Hottie baby boom out there. Not that I care really. I'm glad they're having the kid, but it does kind of ruin one's ability to find appreciable pics of them during their time of bloat (thus the marked cropping on these). Of course, the ancillary benefit is the often referred to mommy bewbage, and I'd say that Alyssa Milano has put herself in the running for the prize of biggest improvement.

Damn, them's some bigguns. She's got enough milk in there to feed an impoverished African village. She's going to corner the market at those breast milk banks (eww) they're setting up all over the place. Seriously though, that kid is going to have a big weight problem.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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2:33PM on 04/22/2011
'Some Bigguns' Alright I'll bite.
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Holy Mother of God.
'Some Bigguns' Alright I'll bite.
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Holy Mother of God.
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