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Amanda isn't the only actress going out and about these days, just ask Amy, Dianna, Eva, Kaley and more

Mar. 29, 2013by: Cherry Liquor

It seems that I might be focusing too much on the tawdry angle of what's going down in the life of Amanda Bynes, so how about we see what other actresses are doing, eh?

Amy Smart went to a friend's birthday party, bringing her pokies as one of the best gifts ever.

Dianna Agron got on the phone to try and get answers on why Kristen Bell named her newborn daughter LINCOLN.

Eva Longoria took a stroll straight out of her session in Terrance Howard's Walk Like You Don't Give a Shit What Them People Think seminar.

Jessica Hart seemed as equally perplexed as the rest of us why anyone would want to take pictures of her with her clothes on when they could just wank it to her Victoria's Secret catalogs.

Kaley Cuoco stepped up her role research for the unnecessary sequel, DRILLTITS TAYLOR. Ok, so maybe it's not all that unnecessary.

Kirsten Dunst went for coffee, thought of something really funny, called someone who replied, "Couldn't you have just texted that shit?"

Lindsay Lohan leaked images of herself getting "mobbed" in Brazil. Two transgendered Brazilian prostitutes feel like semi-celebrities for the duration of the tweet.

Vanessa Hudgens, um... looked flawlessly f*cking awesome.

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