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Is Amanda Bynes crazy-hot or just crazy?

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

I admire the skill of the photographer (or papanazi) who snatched these images of the lately controversial Amanda Bynes. It's a bit like an image of Bigfoot or a Mexican staring-frog of Southern Sri Lanka. It barely even looks like her, but low and behold, it's her. Or as Amanda would say, "Thaaaat's me!" Anyone remember that "Dear Ashley" sketch on All That? Well that cute little buttercup is now automobile killing machine. I'm saying she destroys automobiles. She had two hit-and-run incidents in May, and this month she earned her third. She has the habit of getting into accidents, stepping out of her car, exchanging a few words, stepping back into her car, and la-dee-da-ing away as if nothing happened, and without exchanging insurance info. REAL COOL, AMANDA. I wouldn't normally rip a celeb apart like this, but she really needs to quit driving. She also landed a DUI back in April, which may explain why she's fleeing from the scene. And let's not forget that she "retired" from acting in her 20's, apparently to go off ruining cars and snorting blow off Donald Trump's ass. She sure is hot, though...

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Extra Tidbit: Would you take Amanda home for a night? I would, for the safety of others.
Source: LazyGirls
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