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Amanda Seyfried is a garden nymph in Vanity Fair

Nov. 9, 2012by: Droz

Amanda Seyfried is in the pages of Vanity Fair this month, apparently squatting in abandoned homes in high fashion. Amanda is going high and low brow in the next few months, with LES MISERABLES and LOVELACE coming out. Is that an indication of range? She can go from classic, celebrated novels made into musicals, to the story of a woman who became famous for being good at blowing guys. Maybe that's just having a good agent. I can't say that I have much of an interest in seeing LES MISERABLES, but Amanda getting naked and simulating fellatio for the life story of a porn star sounds like a fun couple hours. Not sure I'd want to go see that in a theater, though. From what I hear, Amanda's going to pretty much bare ass naked through much of it. Probably something I'd be more inclined to see in the privacy of my home, avoiding all those pesky indecent exposure laws.

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Drool Back
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6:58PM on 11/09/2012
Dear God , Miss Seyfried is da freakin' BOMB !!
Dear God , Miss Seyfried is da freakin' BOMB !!
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