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Amy Adams hangs out with muppets

Nov. 15, 2011by: Droz

Amy Adams attended the premiere of the new muppets movie, looking beautiful in all her red-headed glory. We don't post enough about Amy, which is unfortunate because she's been on my top 10 list of hotties in Hollywood for some time. She's just adorable in that singular way that only the natural ginger ladies can pull off. There's something about that porcelain skin and red hair and big, blue eyes. It must appeal to my Anglo/Saxon roots or something.

You catch her in THE FIGHTER? She did a good job, but I don't think I completely accepted her as the foul-mouthed girl she played. There was always a part of me that was thinking of the diminutive girl from TALLADEGA NIGHTS or the princess type she's played a few times. That sweet face of hers and her soothing feminine voice don't feel like the kind one expects to be that pissed off and aggressive all the time. She does have the red hair though, which is often accompanied by fiery personalities like the one her character has in that film. I don't know - maybe I'm biased toward her sweet side. She did look quite nice her underwear though.

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Drool Back
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10:58PM on 11/15/2011
She is perfection.
She is perfection.
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