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Amy Willerton's hot FHM spread will melt your popsicle

Jul. 7, 2014by: Droz

Repeated attempts at drawing attention to her hot body wrapped in bikinis in public appears to have paid off for British Miss Universe contestant Amy Willerton. No big surprise that this new attention comes from FHM magazine, which is featuring Amy in their UK version's latest edition. With that body and that face, she definitely fits right in with a magazine like this. Looking at her here, she strikes me as a hotter version of Rosamund Pike. I think that's just their mutual Englishness at work. Most people probably don't think of the English having an ethnic look, but if you examine and scrutinize them as much as I do in my love for all the fine English hotties, you start to discover certain traits many of them possess in common. Chief among those traits is driving me absolutely bonkers time and again.

By the way, when did this magazine become the Cosmopolitan for dudes? Look at those headlines. Top 50 lists and supposed cures for all your vanities? Who the hell cares about all that filler nonsense? Stick with showing us the hotties, FHM. That's what you're good at.

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Source: FHM


Drool Back
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5:01PM on 07/07/2014

Move Along

Nothing special to see here!!
Nothing special to see here!!
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