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Anna Friel is one hot little 60s throwback

Dec. 27, 2011by: Droz

I don't know what the deal is with Anna Friel's getup in these shots of her heading out in London the other day, but she's definitely got the late 60s band-aid look down pat, right down to the groovy miniskirt, patent leather boots and Mrs. Robinson glasses. Perhaps this was some Christmas costume party. Or maybe Anna's fashion sense is just retro like that. I can't say, as being the yank that I am leaves me with a limited familiarity with Anna. Our experience with Anna over here is limited to a couple of movies and whatever we can catch of her on BBC America. That's unfortunate, as such a hottie deserves more than playing second fiddle to a superhuman Bradley Cooper (LIMITLESS) and an idiot scientist (LAND OF THE LOST). Though I do have to thank that last movie for pointing out how great she looks in a pair of shorts and a tank top.


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Drool Back
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8:46AM on 12/28/2011
Not bad, but she is covering up so much it is hard to see her.
Not bad, but she is covering up so much it is hard to see her.
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