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Anna Hutchison is damned delicious at the Spartacus premiere

Jan. 23, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

You may remember sexy New Zealander Anna Hutchison as the blonde babe who bared her beautiful B-cups in CABIN IN THE WOODS, thereby leaving all of her road-trip buddies to face their impending doom. She was also #3 on my Top 10 Up-And-Coming Hotties list for 2013. This is mostly because Miss Hutchison is expected to be getting topless a lot more frequently in the upcoming season of "Spartacus: War of the Damned". The new season of the Starz program (which competes with another era-based show filled with sex and violence, "Game of Thrones") was treated with a theatrical premiere, where Hutchison arrived looking even more stunning than I had expected. This hottie really knows how to pick out a dress. I guess we'll find out how skilled she is at taking them off in the coming season, which premieres this friday on Starz (obviously).

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Extra Tidbit: Between Anna Hutchison and Juicy Flawless, I now have two good reasons to get into "Spartacus".
Source: Hollywood Tuna

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11:54PM on 01/23/2013

Awesome in Go Girls, amazing in Cabin in the Woods...

... she's just awesome.
... she's just awesome.
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