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Anna's Popping Out

Apr. 29, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

If they ever decide to make the original "Three's Company" into one of those big budget revamped "reimagined" movies, I want Anna Faris to play Christmas (Chrissy) Snow. Sure, she doesn't have quite the rack that Suzanne Somers did, but she's sure got that sweet, doofus look to her that could pull of one of the most iconic television blondes ever.

Faris was out and about on Sunday, at Life magazine's 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, looking quite chic in a too-tight black dress that threatened to release one of the mammary hostages that it had in its possession. Faris lovingly laughed it off and tugged the dress back up into place, all of which was caught by the disappointed paparazzi. You guys should know she's not Tara Reid, dammit.

2008 has in store a couple of heart-pounding action flicks for Anna. KIDS IN AMERICA, where she'll be forced to make romantic nice-ities with Topher Grace (I love you, Foreman, but you're going to have to make up that whole Spidey-3 thing to me) and THE HOUSE BUNNY in which she'll have to share screentime with an American Idol loser, an older blonde who still has the "wah-wah" to knock her out of the water (Beverly D'Angelo) and that son of Tom Hanks (actually, he wasn't bad as that stalker). Busy, busy Anna will just have to find time to fit in convincing studios that she's Crissy some other time.

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Extra Tidbit: Faris is a natural blonde who dyed her hair dark for the SCARY MOVIE franchise and also holds a degree in English Lit from the University of Washington. Who says smart blondes don't exist?
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5:58PM on 04/29/2008
I'm in love with her. Now especially because of the english lit thing...god i'm a nerd.
I'm in love with her. Now especially because of the english lit thing...god i'm a nerd.
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