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Another event where Blake Lively is Ryan Reynolds-less

1 year agoby: Cherry Liquor
I may have at one point but right now I have absolutely no reason to believe that Ryan Reynolds isn't gay and that his current wife, Blake Lively isn't just another glorified blonde beard as Scarlett Johansson was before her. While I can grasp the concept that some couples like to be private, neither of the women that Reynolds chose to betroth are of that variety. ScarJo was (and still is) the babe of the Hollywood century. There's no possible way for her to be completely private, even if she tries. Lively is on a lower scale in that regard than Scarlett but when you see the former "Gossip Girl" star at events such as this New York Cleef and Arpels' flagship dealie, you have to notice the hunger for attention in her eyes. It all adds up to something fishy in the toilet water, if you ask me.

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Extra Tidbit: Plus, the girl looks super happy to be around openly gay men. COME ON!
Source: Just Jared


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7:57PM on 12/14/2013
so you're saying Ryan Reynolds is gay? Yeah, doubt that...
so you're saying Ryan Reynolds is gay? Yeah, doubt that...
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