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Anybody care to see Minka Kelly's sex tape?

Jul. 23, 2012by: Droz

TMZ, that bastion of all things completely true and verifiable, is claiming that a sex tape involving smoking hot Minka Kelly is being shopped around to the various porn companies. According to TMZ, the tape involves a very young Minka enjoying some sexy time with an unidentified person, in a scene that is described as "semi-professional." There is some speculation that Minka might be underage in the video, if analysis of the music playing in the background is true. It seems the Brandy song Minka sings along with was released a few days before her 18th birthday - meaning that if Minka was celebrating the album release by boning some guy, we're all out of luck. I don't often follow this sex tape rumor nonsense, as it usually amounts to nothing. However, this one seems to have some legs. And after all, we're talking about a barely 18 Minka, which is an intriguing prospect. If it does turn out to be legitimate and Minka's lawyers don't torpedo the thing before it can be sold, then we can all look forward to scouring the intertubes for ripped copies of it very soon.

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