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Anybody wanna peek at Nicola Peltz's giant cherry?

Jul. 2, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

But seriously, you could make a ton of cherry pies with that thing Nicola Peltz has only been with us here on MovieHotties for a few weeks, but methinks she's getting very comfortable here as we'll continue to write many, many articles on her as long as she continues to be very, very hot. Honestly, I don't see that being a problem. I haven't seen the new Transformers flick yet, so any annoyance and/or hatred of this woman doesn't exist. I hope that's not the case with anyone else because I honestly love looking at this woman. I suppose ALL the way back in June, Nicola posed for Violet Grey magazine in a white dress and looked insanely lovely doing it. They're artsy and outside and some are in black and white, but they all feature her gorgeousness. This month of July, Marie Claire nabbed her up and did a spread on her, but this time, mostly indoors. They're also artsy and show off her gorgeousness. If I had to pick a favorite batch, I'd probably have a meltdown, so I don't think I'll even make such a crazy choice. I'll just enjoy all of these cause, damn, this girl looks incredible. Welcome to the family, Nicola! Enjoy the photoshoots for Violet Grey Magazine and Marie Claire, respectively.

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8:54AM on 07/03/2014
Very pretty. I like the spots that sprinkle her face.
Very pretty. I like the spots that sprinkle her face.
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