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Ari Graynor makes a great call wearing a low cut pink dress at her premiere

Aug. 22, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
The only thing strong enough to hold me back from watching a movie that Ari Graynor is in is to have Jonah Hill be one of her co-stars and have that movie be a lame attempt at a rip-off of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING. Other than that, I'm willing to give her new movie FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL..., a film directed by a Canadian filmmaker and co-written by two women about two women who start up a phone sex operation to make enough money to afford the super nice apartment in Gramercy Park. Hell, I even watched 10 YEARS, a film starring the other actor who causes me to projectile vomit whenever I see him. (FYI, if you haven't seen LUCKY, you really need to check that out.) Ari might have made Caroline a little too likeable in NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST (I've read the book, you should too) but it was also where she first showed me just how memorably funny she can be. Love this woman. Will watch this movie because of her. Now I just want to understand what is up with the face of the woman in the last picture. Can't tell if she's a perv or the niftiest photobomber around.

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