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Ari Graynor takes the call from Eide magazine

Sep. 10, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I spent far too much of the weekend sleeping. No cold, no sickness, just physically exhausted. Ever have one of those times? When life bogs you down so much that your body decides to power-down whether or not you care for it to? I think of Ari Graynor's career in the same manner. This girl should be up and about in every project that's hotter than a stove you warn your 2-year old not to touch. Yet she's still doing indie movies and being relegated to being a piece of ass for Jonah Hill to pursue. Gorgeous, funny, talented and definitely sharp, perhaps it's best that Hollywood's mainstream doesn't pick up Ari. I'd hate to see her turn into some fake prop piece, wearing the right dress, the right shoes, the right product placements. But at the same time, I'd love to see her get the props that she deserves. Go to sleep, get rested, but end up with sore joints and a screwed up back. Choices, choices.

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Source: Eide Magazine
Tags: Ari Graynor


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8:51AM on 09/10/2012
I am quite in love with this chick
I am quite in love with this chick
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