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Ariana Grande iHearts upskirts

Dec. 3, 2013by: Droz

Charter member of the technically not jail bait crew, Ariana Grande, was at some iHeart Radio event last night happily giving everyone a detailed view of the exact pattern of lace undergarment she was sporting during her performance. Pretty easy to group girls like Ariana with other persistently juvenile-looking girls like Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies. I think we'll be marking this time as the beginning of the perpetual teenager. Most folks think that happened with Dick Clark, but I'm not talking about surgically altered dance show hosts. I'm talking about women in their 30s who are still in jeopardy of being picked up at the quickie mart by a truancy officer for ditching class. They're always going to look at least a decade or more behind their actual age. Which means all you folks persistently clinging to your discomfort over their youthful appearance are in for trouble. If things persist this way, it might not be until the mid 2030s before you can safely appreciate these women, by which point you'll probably be too old or too irradiated by post global thermonuclear war to do anything about it. So if you ever want to be able to grow a guilt free stiffy over these ladies, you might want to shake off your willies and bask in their glory now.

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Source: Egotastic


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