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Ariana Grande is a grande cutie in these blurry pics of her NYC performance

2 years agoby: ResidentRiddle64

Let's stop making things awkward and just get it out in the open…Ariana Grande is super cute. Do I think that she's the epitome of absolute hotness? No. I, personally, think that she's looking cute as hell, and she'll probably reach that level of hotness sometime very soon in her life, but now is just not it. Call me old-fashioned and call me a gentleman (I'm neither of those things), but I feel there's a five step pyramid to a girl's attraction level: Cute, pretty, hot, beautiful and gorgeous. Ariana is definitely confined to the cute-level at the moment (which includes synonyms lush as adorable, sweet, cutie, etc.) Give it time though, similar thinking gentleman. I'm sure she'll reach that fifth stage in no time. Then I'll be able to drool all over myself and my keyboard for her. For now, there's just a little bubble of saliva off my lip that I'll dabble off with a paper towel. Still creepy, though? Meh. 

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel about Ariana? Does she look too young to you or is she just right?
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9:57PM on 09/26/2013
Nice legs for this cutie. Though I prefer Victoria Justice any day.
Nice legs for this cutie. Though I prefer Victoria Justice any day.
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