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Ariana Grande works her shy sexy thing for the teens

11 months agoby: Droz

It's interesting how these teen awards things, which are presumably for teens and kids, always seem to inspire those attending to wear the most sexy outfits. I wont conspiracy theorize on that. I'm just going to leave that right there to think about, along with these shots of teen like hottie Ariana Grande and her prize-winning faux jail bait appearance. She looks like Jessica Alba crossed with a 6-year old. Once again it's the lower 3/4ths of Ariana that always betrays the shy girl routine she tries to pull off. Ain't no one plagued with shyness ever dressed like Ariana. On a side note, what's the deal with the surf board? Do they actually have to take that home with them? I guess they want their supposedly significant award relegated to junk piles in prize winners' garages. In 20 years, how many of these winners will have their surfboard up on the mantle or inside some custom cabinet? Not a lot, I'm willing to bet. Unless you've had a lifelong desire to take up surfing, that might be the most silly idea for an award ever.

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