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Arianny Celeste kicks around some Korean balls

Feb. 5, 2013by: Droz

I guess we missed this spread of Arianny Celeste in Maxim magazine from last year. Then again it is from Korea, which is a long way from where I am, so that's forgivable. I wonder if this is from North or South Korea. Yeah, gotta be south. If it were north, there wouldn't be any grass on the field. It would have long since become some nasty stew for the starving population. Anyway, Arianny is looking tasty here as usual. No surprise that she's branching out to different countries with her photo spreads, as she has that kind of international look about her, like she could be any ethnicity. I see some Hispanic in there, some Asian, pretty much whatever you want. Probably comes her part Filipino ancestry, which remains one of the big melting pots of the world, at least as far as heritages go. Arianny is a lovely blend of all kinds of peoples. That's one of the things I like about her.

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Source: Got Celeb

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10:32PM on 02/05/2013
She's a bikini babe.
She's a bikini babe.
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