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Ashlee Kozuma is a teen queen you can feel okay about wanting to bang

Sep. 3, 2013by: Droz

2012's Miss Teen America Ashlee Kozuma has moved on from her pageantry days and apparently tried her hand at some bikini modelling. I'm not sure what these pics are for, but they appear to be test shots of some kind for the San Lorenzo line of swimwear for which Ashlee models. Whatever their intent, they demonstrate that wearing bikinis is something Ashlee clearly excels at. I'm confident in saying that this Hawaiian hottie may very well have found her calling in life. Sometimes you can just tell when someone has the skills in something. Kids who can do math really well will probably end up becoming rocket scientists or something. The head of the debate team will probably go on to be a litigator or a politician of some sort. That one's who were above the rim at 12 or throwing the pig skin expertly in middle school will end up being millionaires in some professional sports league. Ashlee's ass looks amazing in a tiny bikini. I'll let you decide where her future lies.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: It's okay guys, she's 20. Feel free to drool away.
Source: HollywoodTuna


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8:09PM on 09/03/2013
She's got such a goofy girl-next-door grin.
She's got such a goofy girl-next-door grin.
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7:14PM on 09/03/2013
Hot bikini babe
Hot bikini babe
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