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At least LeAnn Rimes' bikini is eating when she vacays in Mexico

1 year agoby: Cherry Liquor

She's been known to be a bit on the skinny side, since gaining more attention as an adult, but with her breast augmentation and her regular trips to beach resorts, I don't think we've seen LeAnn Rimes looking more fit than she does in this bikini on a recent trip to Mexico with her husband. The country singer and her spouse (face it, no one cares who this dude is other than the fact that he clearly enjoys his ex-wife making a loud fuss in the tabloids over his cheating turned relationship with LeAnn) are set to star in a reality television show for the VH1 Network, in what I'm guessing with be just another retread of the "Newlyweds" structure (and who really does it better than Ice T and Coco, when we're comparing rotten apples to rottener apples?).

LeAnn got some television time just last year when she made an appearance on that Charlie Sheen show, "Anger Management," which I guess is still on some channel playing to people who don't have anything better to do than watch TV at all hours of the day and night.

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