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04.15.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Well, really just a couple. Somehow actress Cate Blanchett was able to quietly deliver a baby boy, which she and her husband named Ignatius Martin. Take that, American celebs! The British can saddle their young with old school obnoxious names just as well as you can get loaded on prescription meds and make up names after perusing the breakfast cereal aisle!

Cate has only a few months to get that fine MILF-y bod of hers back into shape (yeah, like that's hard when you've got money) so that she can get out there with Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford to promote their summer blockbuster, INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Wait... did I say months? More like 36 days and counting. Better call J-Lo and figure out that weight loss thing, stat!

In other news that I really couldn't care about, but is baby related, Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer Meyer (honestly two of the ugliest famous people I can think of) are due to have their second child in October. The couple already has a young daughter named Ruby, only 17 months old. Maybe they can do it Britney style and aim better for that Irish twins marker on the third one.

Extra Tidbit: In No-Baby News, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are NOT expecting, according to Wentz. Neither are Beyonce and Jay-Z. Jennifer Love Hewitt, however, must be pregnant. I mean, she's gotta be. Soon. Can you imagine those melons of hers Mommy-Super-Sized? *drool*



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