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Bar Refaeli looks angelically white hot at Michael Kors opening

Dec. 5, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

Here's one of my favorite model hotties, Bar Refaeli, at the opening of Michael Kors in Milan. If you're lower middle class, like me, Michael Kors is a brand name for nice clothes and accessories and if you don't know anything about geography, Milan would be foundin Lombardy. If you're still lost, Lombardy is in Italy. You just learned three things (I know I did)! In any case, the lady's looking absolutely gorgeous, even when she finds herself covered head to toe. Those pants even go farther than her toes, making it difficult for people with foot fetishes to even enjoy these pics, but somehow, even all covered up, she's sexy as hell. Perhaps it's the nude colored material under her fist layer of clothes that makes me happy. It's the illusion that I'm looking right at that incredible body of hers. Please, don't play games like that, Bar. I'm not sure I can handle that this early in the morning. It could just be that wonderful face of hers that makes these pictures worth it. Or maybe it's that random bald guy that looks like Hank Schrader if you look out of your peripherals after you've been drinking for a while, like I have. See for yourself.

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