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Bar Refaeli's sexy streak is absolutely golden

1 year agoby: ResidentRiddle64

Man, oh man. We all knew Bar Refaeli was hot, but Elle Spain managed to take it to the next level. The pics are simple, but sexy and typically having a white gal with blonde hair would look nothing like this. She's so…dark and the pictures have a deep color scheme to them, too and look faded out in the best way possible. Throw her in a couple different sexy outfits and bikinis and you're golden. Speaking of golden, with her bronze tan and striking blonde hair, Bar looks like a human version of a gold bar. I'm willing to bet she's worth as much, too, but I would never exchange her for currency. I can imagine myself on the Oregon Trail and I come across some merchant who says to me, "Hello, wary traveler! I have three loaves of bread and some fine ale in exchange for your Refaeli." At that point, I would probably kill him for suggesting such a thing. Then, I'd probably store his body and make Merchant Sandwiches. It's the Oregon Trail. I'm f*cking hungry. What was I talking about, again? Oh, yeah! Bar is ridiculously hot! Check it out! 

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9:23PM on 05/20/2014
Among the hotter members of the "Leonardo DiCaprio supermodel ex-girlfriend club".
Among the hotter members of the "Leonardo DiCaprio supermodel ex-girlfriend club".
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