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Belle, Deutch, Hendricks and Moore stack up the hotness for Jimmy Choo

Apr. 17, 2014by: Cherry Liquor
It's nice to see Camilla Belle out amonst the good looking people, since she's one of them and we certainly haven't been seeing nearly enough of her. It's a good thing that the Brazilian beauty has 5 projects due out this year after a rather dry spell over the past couple of years. Zoey Deutch looks to have been paying attention to the chatter on the internet complaining about how the lovely offspring of Lea Thompson wasn't smiling enough at events, giving us more of a demure grin while being photographed this time around. I've been bitching that Christina Hendricks hasn't managed to wear an outfit that's been flattering to her fuller, famously curvaceous body and while this black dress she's got on certainly isn't something you're going to find in Jessica Rabbit's closet, at least it's doing her a few leggy favors. As for the always statuesque and smiling beauty Mandy Moore? I'm hard pressed to think of a time when leather was worn so very, very well. As for shoe designer Jimmy Choo, the fashionista who's brought all these women together in one place, I don't honestly care about the overpriced shoes. I'm all about the women who want to be in them.

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4:29AM on 04/17/2014
Love that hairstyle on Zoey Deutch.
Love that hairstyle on Zoey Deutch.
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