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Berkley Gets Darko

May. 30, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

I'm so excited, and I just can't... can't.... Can't believe that I actually remember that scene from when Jesse Spano got addicted to diet pills. I think that if Berkley had never been in SHOWGIRLS, I wouldn't have bothered to save room in my brain for information about her.

So it may or may not be a good thing to hear that Berkley was announced as another cast member in the upcoming DONNIE DARKO sequel. Whether or not she's going to taint it anymore than it was originally scheduled to suck (I know, I should pre-judge stuff that isn't even in post-production yet) is up in the air. It IS a relief, however, to know that she's going to play a former speed-freak who's become a Jesus freak. At least she's had experience acting as a tweaker.

I won't lie, I actually think she's a babe. I'm simple. She showed me her tits and her body has this wonderful, athletic appeal to it. Can't really get much better than that in terms of former silly TV show actress turned mediocre movie actress.

Extra Tidbit: Berkley's eyes are two different colors, the right one is have green/half brown and the left is green.
Source: Reuters


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