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Betty or LiLo?

7 years agoby: Cherry Liquor

Here are the first pictures from the stint that Lindsay Lohan is making on the hit TV show "Ugly Betty." Word is, she's going for a stretch with her character, where she was a former classmate and "mean girl" to the sweet lead of Betty. Apparently the school colours were black and orange. How very Halloween festive of them!

The colours aren't as chic as the coat that Lindsay was snapped wearing back in January of this year. The $11,000 fur coat was snapped up by LiLo at the coat check of a New York club named 10ak and didn't happen to belong to her. A Columbia University student by the name of Masha Markova claims that she was flipping through a February magazine and saw Lilo photographed in her jacket. When she had lawyers contact the club, they returned the coat to her a few days later, apologizing for the incident.

If it isn't one thing it's another. But one other thing that will be returning is Lindsay on "Ugly Betty." Producers have confirmed that after her performance on the May 22nd season finale of the show, Lohan WILL be back in the fall for a guest stint of at least 5 episodes. Fashionable, most likely. Wearing fur? Now that would be priceless.

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