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Biel's Buttcrack

Apr. 17, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

See that there space between her tits? Apparently she's got an even tighter one that she's storing in her pants. Finally no longer blonde for that period piece, EASY VIRTUE (due out in 2009), Biel was spotted in some park, bending over to show some affection to a pit bull. She's no stranger to dogs, what with the cheating that her beau Justin Timberlake supposedly got out of hot water for a few months back.

Dogs are also a feature in some of the other films she's got on tap. HOLE IN THE PAPER SKY has Jessica alongside Jason Clarke, Garry Marshall, and Stephen Collins in a story that features Clarke as a math doctoral candidate who loses his position and then become obsessed with helping Biel's character save a doomed laboratory dog from scientific experiment.

I say Biel is better off in real life making sure that she saves her personal and professional career by finding someone other than Timberlake to date. Go single for awhile. Or hell, try out some young, B-movie actor that no one knows about. Or do the Halle Berry thing and get yourself a walking, talking Ken doll who bends to your every whim. Because nobody in their right mind should ever even let the concept of cheating on you cross their mind.

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Extra Tidbit: Jessica has a brother named Justin. OK, now that's just creepy. It'd be like me lusting after a guy who had the same name as my dad.
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