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Amy Childs busts out on the beaches of Barcelona

Aug. 1, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Let me tell you about a trip some friends and I once took to a nude beach in Barcelona, Spain. First of all, I was sure it'd be the greatest experience of my life, right up there with meeting Snoopy. Well, it was both hot and groggy as we walked 2 miles from a drop-off point after stepping out of a smelly cab. Halfway there, sweating profusely and stumbling uncontrollably, we decided to take a break at a McDonalds (it was the only place to stop within several blocks). I bought a soda and an ice-cream cone. The ice-cream cone, mind you, was halfway filled. My friends all had a much more generous amount in their cones, so they told me to go to the counter and demand it be filled. I did, and was directed out of the facility. After waiting outside the McDonalds for my awesome friends to finish their meals, we all just couldn't wait to hit the nude beach. When we finally did, we felt shame and disappointment. Hairy men, old ladies and entire families were crammed into an acre of sand. Maybe, here and there, there were some cute chicks, but not enough to distract from all the Jabbas and Chewbaccas on shore. None of us felt like participating, so we lingered there for about 30 minutes before walking our sorry asses back to the drop-off point. Moral of the story is: if you're ever in Barcelona, hit up a regular beach. There's a lot more open space, and you just may run into someone like Amy Childs bouncing along the wet sand.

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