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Bikini: Katherine Heigl

Mar. 21, 2011by: Droz

There are natural beauties in this world, and then there are women who have to work at beauty. Katherine Heigl here is one of the latter. With the proper make up, lighting, and camera angle, she can come across as a real beauty. Get her outside of that sort of setup, and she instantly loses something. Of course, she's always got the D-cups, which are a nice plus, but without at least a dusting of foundation, she has tended to resemble a wet beach towel.

With that in mind, it was surprising to see these candids of Katherine at some beach, looking relatively okay, despite the bright sun and the apparent lack of significant applications of make up. Perhaps her switch over to electric cigarettes has salvaged some of her nicotine-ravaged beauty and restored a portion of her previously tarnished luster. If so, good for her.

Now if she can only keep her diarrhea mouth closed, she might actually be able to escape goofy rom-com hell and get another good part. I'd like that, because before the ruckus created by her cannibalistic attack on her own Grey's Anatomy writing staff, I kind of liked her as an actress and a hottie. It would be nice to have something of that back.

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Source: The Superficial


Drool Back
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2:43PM on 03/22/2011
She's got a nice rack
She's got a nice rack
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