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Billabong Blast

Jun. 5, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Adrian Grenier's eyebrows are hypnotic. So bushy, so un-Hollywood. I just can't tear myself away from him. And apparently the 31 year old upcoming star of Alter Eco (a show geared towards highlighting doing things the "green" way) can't tear himself away from girls who look like they're 12. (That's actually Australian actress Isabel Lucas and she's really 23.)

Grenier was one of many stars who showed up to the Second Annual Billabong Design for Humanity to Benefit Surfrider Foundation. Dude, that's a long title. Oh, well. Anything for our good old mother Earth, I suppose. Amongst the hotties there that night, Juliette Lewis, Erika Christensen, Audrina Patridge, Bai Ling, Cameron Richardson, Misha Barton and Joy Bryant. Maybe it's just me, but Erika is looking hotter as she gets older and Cameron Richardson looks f*cking stunning as long as she keeps her mouth shut. (For those who suffered through ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS, you'll understand.)

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Extra Tidbit: Billabong is an Australian English word meaning a smallish lake, and specifically an oxbow lake, a stagnant pool of water attached to a waterway.
Source: PopSugar

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