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Blake Lively appears to have this Gossip Girl thing all figured out

3 years agoby: Droz

Looks like Blake Lively got all the angles figured on this Gossip Girl show. Probably because she's been doing it since forever. Doesn't it feel like that show has been on for years and years? Maybe I'm getting it mixed up with the 40 or so other shows just like it they've been spitting out since the early 90s. They all tend to blend into one when you have absolutely no stake in them whatsoever. However long her gossip tenure has been, it's pretty clear Blake's not overly tasked by her gossiping duties. She appears to have plenty of time to just sit around, try on shoes, hang her tits out there and text whichever hunk she's banging now. Blake's got a pretty hot body and some fantastic legs, but I've never been sold on her looks. Although she did look good in GREEN LANTERN. In fact, she looked so good I didn't even recognize her at first in that movie. I think what did it for her there was switching back to the brown hair. That color suits her much better and not just because I'm not partial to the blondes. Some women can pull off blonde and some cant. Blake is in the latter category. She makes a much better brunette.

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