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Bo Osinski returns with double the ass and double the awesome

Feb. 26, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Just a mere day after posting those pictures of newfound hottie Bo Osinski posing with that goddamn water, here she is, again, posing with that goddamn water. While she isn't throwing away her underwear this time around (at least not the bottom half, you'll see what I mean), she's still looking damn good. She's wearing the same sexy shoes as yesterday's pictures. That's just a statement. Girls like it when you notice those kinds of things I have a legitimate question, though. Did her ass gain twenty pounds in the 24 hours that we last saw her? Dear God, that thing is ridiculously amazing. I want to hold hands with her and happily jump up and down on it while we laugh like children and talk of memories past. I know that wouldn't work for a number of reasons, but let me just have my moment.

Now, I don't want to sound too immature, but dude, there are some pics where you can, like, totally see nipple. It's crazy. Like, she's not even shy or trying to hide the fact that her nips are sticking out like a couple of milk duds. Unfortunately, we can't post those kinds of risque pics here, but I'm certain if you follow the source below the pictures, you can see for yourself, which I suggest you do because just like the rest of her, they're absolutely lovely. Enjoy.

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11:36PM on 02/26/2014
She doesn't look as skinny here compared to those earlier photos. I think I'm becoming a fan.
She doesn't look as skinny here compared to those earlier photos. I think I'm becoming a fan.
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