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Body Shop: Olga Fonda

Oct. 17, 2011by: Mr. Pink

Saw REAL STEEL this past week and actually dug it. Also had a who the hell is that? moment when a certain Russian owner of the behemoth Zeus hit the screen. So thought I'd explore her more fully, and introduce ya'll as well to: OLGA FONDA!

Check her out in - Real Steel

ASS (7/10):

Olga definitely has the traditional former Russian model look, though given the angularity that usually indicates, she's got a little bit of keister to hold onto. Not a ton mind you, as what's poppin' in this pic has a lot to do with thrust more than actual presence. But not too shabby nevertheless.

BOOBIES (8/10):

I love lazy boobs like these. The kind of boobs that you find on long leggy chicks that kinda hang down as though they're stoned. I know some will argue that they're not perky enough and what have you, but for me it's always been a look that pulled me in something fierce.

FACE (9/10):

It was Fonda's face that struck me as soon as she came on screen in REAL STEEL. Severe angles create the kind of beauty you could cut your finger on. Then when you add in Gelfling like ears it makes for a total that is very hard to resist.


She's a hot Russian model, so one has to presume she's likely somewhat terrifying. She does have a relatively warm smile though, so I'll give her some credit. She hasn't hit big enough here for anyone to do much research on what she's like, but give her a little time and maybe her presence will grow.

CAREER (4/10):

Bit parts on sitcoms not withstanding, Olga really hasn't done a whole lot on screen yet. I expect that her current role will garner her some attention and at least open up some opportunities for her. Whether or not she makes the best of those, too early to say.

High points: REAL STEEL
Low points: N/A

OVERALL (8/10):

Olga Fonda came on screen and I immediately knew she'd be this week's lass. Even though her look isn't the type I usually favor, her hotness insists upon itself. As to her future prospects in Hollywood, who knows. Let's just enjoy the pretty pictures for the time being.

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Drool Back
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12:58AM on 10/18/2011
good lookin woman but the only olga i prefer is kurylenko =)
good lookin woman but the only olga i prefer is kurylenko =)
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8:11PM on 10/17/2011
8/10 on boob's? Come on!
8/10 on boob's? Come on!
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10:33AM on 10/17/2011
She has a very beautiful face.
She has a very beautiful face.
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