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Brangelina Twins Born

07.14.2008by: Seth Gecko

Yup, it's official everybody in case you didn't hear over the weekend. The biggest and hottest Hollywood couple in history celebrated the birth of their twins on Saturday evening in Paris and everything has gone perfectly so far. I'm extremely happy for the two of them as they're taking on a lot of responsibility since their current litter has risen to a grand total of 6...yikes! I'd give anything to be adopted by these two but it's definitely not in the cards so oh well.

Angelina gave birth to both a son and a daughter on Saturday night by way of caesarean and has named them Knox and Vivienne which I think are great names since we're all aware that celebrities sometimes go with some pretty screwy names when their kids are born these days (Yeah, I'm talking to you Gwyneth). The biggest buzz at the moment however is how much the first photos of their kids will fetch and some are now saying that it could be between $15 - $20 million which is outrageous if you ask me. However, all that money would go to charity so it's pretty nice in the end.

So on behalf of, we'd like to wish Brad and Angelina all the best with their newborns and that the next time they're looking to adopt, check out a small northern area of Brantford, Ontario, Canada as their could be some good cases there. Cheers!



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1:46PM on 07/14/2008
I'm glad they finally popped out.

and I'm sure they'll be gorgeous like Shiloh.
I'm glad they finally popped out.

and I'm sure they'll be gorgeous like Shiloh.
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