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Briana's Horror-ble

05.03.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I won't go into the circumstances that lead me to sitting in a theater seat, watching STEP UP 2: THE STREETS. (Let's just say that it involved a bet, some cream cheese and a whole lot of flexibility.) What I will tell you is that despite any beliefs people might have had about how much that movie would/did suck, its star, Briana Evigan, is a full-blown hottie in the making

Word has now come that she's not out of work. Scheduled to be one of the many stars featured on a summer series on NBC entitled "Fear Itself," Briana looks to be going from dancing to save her reputation as street worthy to being chased or tortured or otherwise put in some kind of discomfort by whatever creepy-crawlies are dreamed up for the show.

The show is described as being a horror anthology (now I'm a little interested in it because it reminds me of "Amazing Stories." Anyone else remember how cool that show was?) and will feature several different directors, from John Landis to John Dahl to Rupert Wainwright. Even more interesting is actor Johnathon Schaech stepping up to co-write an episode entitled "The Circle." I'm actually very curious to see how it will turn out. And if Evigan will be baring her sleek little tummy as much as her dad rocked that '80's beard.

Extra Tidbit: Briana is the daughter of "My Two Dads" star Greg Evigan.
Source: chicagotribune



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