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Britney Spears brings back the golden goddess sexytime for Shout and Scream promos

Feb. 27, 2013by: Cherry Liquor

Whatever, I don't care, I like Britney Spears now. Strip away those years of her parents pimping her out as a child star so that they could reap 401K benefits off of beast with two backs moments they shared with one another. Stop thinking about when she went nuts or shaved off her hair or any of that. No KFed. No K-WayTooWell-Fed either. Just think about the right producers that she's hired to work with her. Admire that if she had been any other piece of white trash in a trailer park, she wouldn't look this good after having carried two children in her body. Even after the drugs, the boozing, the self-destructive bad behavior, Brit-Brit has pulled her shit together. And she looks TIGHT in these promo pics from the Remix of her "Shout and Scream" song. Even if it doesn't last, turning 30 has never been done better than by Britney Spears of all people.



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Source: Fan Pop

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6:32AM on 03/01/2013

I'd hit that

one more time.
one more time.
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9:25AM on 02/27/2013
Hot, but her eyes are filled with regret and pain.
Hot, but her eyes are filled with regret and pain.
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