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Brooklyn Decker supports her hubby at the US Open for the last time?

Sep. 3, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I don't care enough about the sport of tennis to recall many of the names of those who participate unless they happen to marry or date famous people. It's the reason why I figured out who Andre Agassi was back in the day (other than thinking a hairy dude on the tennis courts looked pleasantly out of place), when he was linked to Brooke Shields. Andy Roddick gained my attention when he was the arm candy for cutie Mandy Moore and now I'm only looking through pics of those who attended the U.S. Open because he married Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (and burgeoning actress) Brooklyn Decker. I have to say, it find it refreshing and fun that she doesn't get super dolled up for his matches, setting her apart from those basketball player wives who carefully navigate their way to their courtside seats in their 6 inch stilettos. She looks, frankly, real. Which is a really nice change. Perhaps I should try watching tennis more often...

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Source: NY Daily News

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6:27PM on 09/03/2012
she's so pretty and sexy...perfect!
she's so pretty and sexy...perfect!
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