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Cameron Diaz may be 40, but her hotness refuses to get an AARP card

Oct. 3, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Here's something I will freely admit. I LOLed when I was watching BAD TEACHER. It had its flat moments but for the most part the movie was funny as hell and I'd gladly choose to spend a whole day watching that on loop than any of the other rom-com disasters that Cameron Diaz has made over the years. *cough*WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING*cough* I'm sorry that these images of Cameron in the UK version of Esquire are so low quality, since it takes some time for the bigger publications to deem us internet people worthy of helping them to sell their product by releasing good quality pics for you to drool over and then go buy the pulp to spank over. Cam looks really good here and if there was still any question as to whether or not she got those implants that people were pondering over not too long ago, the pushing up of the super-rounded titties seems to be closing that debate for good.

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12:16PM on 10/03/2012


I'd still pop the shite out of Cammy....
I'd still pop the shite out of Cammy....
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