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CAN: "Changeling" Photocall

May. 22, 2008by: Seth Gecko

61stannualcannesfestbanner.jpgAs we've mentioned already, the 61st Annual Cannes International Film Festival is now well underway and will be ongoing until next Sunday. As per tradition here at, I'll be bringing you updates on all the latest news and photos involving the countless actresses and celebrities who're attending the event. So stay tuned as we bring you much more soon!

We're now in day eight of our coverage so far for the Cannes Festival and I can safely say at this point that it's been the biggest one yet. I've received over 2,000 photos so far and sorting through them is an unbelievable task. However, we hope you're all enjoying it which is worth the effort. Today will be our biggest day for updates so let's begin with Angelina Jolie looking more beautiful than ever while attending the photocall for her new drama, "Changeling". She looks spectacular once again and just seeing her next to Clint Eastwood is icing on the cake (He could have any woman he wants cause he's the man). So enjoy the sweet candids of Angie at the photocall below and stay tuned for the premiere shots which are coming shortly.

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