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CAN: "Indy 4" Photocall

05.18.2008by: Seth Gecko

61stannualcannesfestbanner.jpgAs we've mentioned already, the 61st Annual Cannes International Film Festival is now well underway and will be ongoing until next Sunday. As per tradition here at, I'll be bringing you updates on all the latest news and photos involving the countless actresses and celebrities who're attending the event. So stay tuned as we bring you much more soon!

It's finally arrived everybody! The night that most of us have been waiting 20 years for has finally come at last and we couldn't be more excited. Earlier this afternoon, the entire cast and crew of the much-anticipated Steven Spielberg film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" appeared for the official photocall and the shots taken are absolutely brilliant. Whether you're someone like me who worships the hell out of Cate Blanchett (who looks so hot in the shots below) or you just have a man crush on Harrison, this photocall is for everyone. Karen Allen also looked very beautiful and it's so amazing to see her again after all these years.

I absolutely can't wait for the movie as it releases this coming Thursday and I'll most certainly be dressing up. Whether I'll be the dressed as Short Round or wear a golden idol suit is still undecided. So free up some hard drive space now everybody because these are amazing shots and stay tuned for the official premiere photos which will be up very soon.

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