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CAN: Robin Hood Photocall

May. 12, 2010by: Seth Gecko

cannesthumb2010.jpgHello to all our hottie fans around the world and welcome to the extensive coverage of the 63rd Annual Cannes International Film Festival. As many of you know already and more will learn soon for sure, I'm a huge fan of the Cannes festival and every May for the past few years, I've done extensive coverage of the red carpet events for the vast premieres that take place during the festival. No other movie or celebrity gossip site provides this kind of coverage for Cannes and I enjoy giving you all the best of the best in terms of photos, news and now even videos from the various events. For the next week and a half, I'll be bringing you all the biggest highlights of the festival so stay tuned each day for more coverage as it appears.

To start us off for 2010, you all might know already that Ridley Scott's new epic ROBIN HOOD was the pick to start off the festival this year (click here to check out JimmyO's review) which in my opinion is a pretty cool choice. Today at Cannes, the stars and producers attended a photo call for the film (watch for the premiere coverage later this afternoon) including Russell Crowe and one of my biggest crushes in the world, Cate Blanchett. Cate looked fantastic for the photo call as she posed alongside Russell and these photos only strengthen my undying love for her. You can check out all the photos from the event below as well as a nice video clip courtesy of the festival. Enjoy and stay tuned for further coverage!

The hottie photos below are in the following order: Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Unfortunately Ridley Scott couldn't make it to the festival due to a recent surgery.


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