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CANNES: "Moonrise Kingdom" Premiere

05.17.2012by: Seth Gecko

cannes2012_thumb.jpgMellow greetings folks, your Canadian reporter Seth Gecko is back on the MovieHotties scene for the next week or so to bring you only the coolest shit from the 65th Annual Cannes International Film Festival which runs from May 16 -27. Movies, liquor, babes and sandy beaches...does it get better than that? I think not which is why by tradition I love to post all the latest highlights of the festival each year. It's always a blast and you just never know what stunning actresses (or guys for the ladies) will turn up looking their finest. So check back each day for the latest news/pics from the red carpet premieres and enjoy.

Wes Anderson, you either love his movies or hate them. I'm more on the fence myself as I consider some of his work brilliant and others kinda "meh". He's definitely not for everybody but he's very talented and film audiences always get excited when he announces a new project. MOONRISE KINGDOM was definitely no exception and has been gaining a lot of steam following a bunch of solid reviews (currently 94% fresh on That being said, the film was host to the opening of Cannes 2012 and the official premiere was held last night with the cast/crew in attendance as well as the judges with several sexy actresses among them.

The photos below are in the following order: Diane Kruger, Freida Pinto, Eva Longoria, Frederique Bel, Jessica Chastain, Lana Del Rey, Tilda Swinton and more

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Chastain is EVERYWHERE!



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