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Carla Gugino does upfront better than most anyone else

May. 18, 2012by: Droz

Here's another one of those Upfront events, this time for USA network, where stacked hotttie Carla Gugino has a new show about politics and whatnot called Political Animals. I'm an animal for Carla, who's got one of the finest bodies out there. Shame they can't bring her back for the next SIN CITY movie, seeing as how her character got Swiss cheesed in the last one. Though, maybe they can do a flashback/prequel thing, exploring more of her character, Lucille, got hooked up with Marv, and all their adventures together. The first movie made it pretty obvious that she and Marv had gone through some shit together. I'd love to know more. Seeing as how Mickey Rourke is coming back for the sequel, this could happen. Whatever gets Carla walking around bare-breasted and ass out, I'm totally on board for it.

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Drool Back
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11:03AM on 05/21/2012
Amazing beauty.
Amazing beauty.
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8:05PM on 05/20/2012
man o man the things I'd like to do to her. Yummy!
man o man the things I'd like to do to her. Yummy!
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