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Carla Gugino is a Political Animal in a blue dress

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
As I'm writing this, my roommate is still watching "How I Met Your Mother" and has gotten to the episode where Bryan Cranston is being an ass, complaining about his precious Pete Rose Pete Rose Pete Rose ball being stolen (no, I didn't type that three times by accident). I want to know where Carla Gugino stole water from the fountain of youth. This 40-year old has taken the youthful beauty from the meanies of the world for her own gain and I can't complain in even the slightest. If there was ever a contrived USA Network show that could convince me to tune in, it's one starring Sigourney Weaver and co-starring Carla. The show is supposed to be about the former first lady (anyone besides me love the movie DAVE where Sigourney played a First Lady?) who's divorced from her husband and serving as Secretary of State. I'm sure this is a wishful thinking plotline designed to get Hillary out of the closet or something, But hey! It's USA! Anything can happen!

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10:03AM on 06/27/2012
Carla Gugino is unbelievably Hott , with no signs of cooling off , anytime soon . YUMMY !!
Carla Gugino is unbelievably Hott , with no signs of cooling off , anytime soon . YUMMY !!
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