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Carla Gugino wows the foreigners in her little red dress

Aug. 10, 2012by: Droz

With all the money the mainstream comics are generating in the movie remake business thanks to juggernauts like BATMAN and THE AVENGERS, I still find myself drawn more to the graphic novel adaptations. Movies like SIN CITY and WATCHMEN are much more entertaining to me. There's lots of reasons for that. I like the stories more, the characters, the overall mood of those darker, more creatively inspired films over the more mainstream flicks. I also like the selection of hotties they get for these more rough-edged comic adaptations - actresses like the tasty Carla Gugino, photographed here impressing the foreign press with her hotness at their annual shindig. Apart from those things I mentioned before, perhaps the most important factor that separates your various "man" movies (BATMAN, IRON MAN, MAN OF STEEL) from the graphic novel adaptations is that you don't get a lot of sumptuous Gugino ass strutting around unclothed in those movies. That unfortunate PG-13 mire they are forced to deal does them a disservice in this area. Ya'll can have your emaciated Anne Hathaway teasing away with no payoff. I'll take Carla's bare-assed bathroom scene from SIN CITY for the 471st time and be perfectly happy with my choice.

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