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Carmen Electra always dresses to impress

Oct. 1, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

It's days like today we're reminded that terms like "formalwear" and "business-casual" are not in Carmen Electra's vocabulary. In her mind, those are just synonymous for "high-class prostitute", and if you think that's a put-down, think again. However the invitation read for the "90210" 100th Episode Party, I'll bet they weren't expecting Electra to show up in this cleavage-forcing little number, and I also doubt there were very many eyeballs facing elsewhere during the event. I've got to hand it to Carmen for still putting viagra companies out of business after all these years. I always appreciate the effort of a hottie over 40 catering to my sleazy needs, but when one surprises me by making me release the word "dammmn" like some wicked witchcraft, I stand up and applaud. I don't think Carmen's name will be taken off the guest-list anytime soon. I can't wait to see what she has in store for those upcoming Halloween parties. Enjoy this set of images of the lingerie-clad Carmen Electra (Bonus Hottie: Denise Richards).

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Source: Hollywood Tuna


Drool Back
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3:13PM on 10/01/2012
Carmen looks fantastic and Denise looks like the wife of the Cryptkeeper.
Carmen looks fantastic and Denise looks like the wife of the Cryptkeeper.
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