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Carmen Electra and Nicole Scherzinger share the 2013 hottest of Halloween prize

Nov. 1, 2013by: Droz

Okay, so that was Halloween 2013. Did you have a good time? Personally, if I never see another guy dressed as some iteration of Walter White again it will be too soon. Anyway, now comes the time to crown a winner for hottest hottie in costume. There were a lot of contenders this year and certainly some impressive costumes. While I commend folks like Heidi Klum for the effort they put into their outfits, I'd say that consulting Hollywood make up artists to create your look is crossing into overkill territory.

I predict Heidi will one day regret this "costume."

Come on, we want sexy costumes on our hotties. Doesn't matter if it's off the rack stuff. As long as they look especially hot, they're golden. This year, my vote was split down the middle between Carmen Electra's demon goth stripper thing and Nicole Scherzinger's sluttier cat woman thing. Sure, neither one was all that imaginative or unique, but I don't care. Look at Carmen's tits and Nicole's ass. This is what Halloween is all about, hot women going skanky for the night. Plus they both look totally plowed, which is another one of those great things about the ladies on Halloween. It truly is a night for the guys.

Oh yeah, can't leave out this sexy beast...

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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Drool Back
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7:53PM on 11/01/2013
Scherzinger is sooooooo hammered. She cant even walk back to the car. Just a smoking body though
Scherzinger is sooooooo hammered. She cant even walk back to the car. Just a smoking body though
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